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The HR Manager's Guide



The HR Manager's Guide

to Immigration Law

(Second Edition)

Copyright 2013


By James A Bach, Esq.

The HR Manager's Guide to Immigration Law is an easy-to-read summary of business immigration law. Designed for human resources professionals, executives, and hiring managers, it describes how to hire and retain the best workers in the world, and to obtain employment authorization for them. This book will take the mystery out of temporary working visas, labor certifications, green cards, and other employment-based immigration solutions.


Although designed for the HR professional, this book will also be useful for lawyers.  For experienced business immigration attorneys, it provides a very accessible reference, with a verbatim list of the NAFTA professional categories, list of all E-1 and E-2 treaties, summary of short-term placement rules for H-1B employees, and relevant tax rules, such as the FICA exemption for those working in Practical Training status.  For immigration lawyers who do not primarily practice business immigration law, this book is a succinct primer on the possibilities for employment-based visas and green cards.

Topics include:

 bulletH-1B visas for Professionals

 bulletH-1B Treaty Substitutes (E-3, TN and H-1B1)

 bulletIntracompany Transferees (L-1 visas)

 bulletTreaty Investors and Traders (E-1 and E-2)


 bulletEmployment of Foreign Students

 bulletExchange Visitors (J-1 visas)

 bulletOther Temporary Work Visas

 bulletTaxation of Temporary Foreign Workers

 bulletLabor Certification

 bulletPermanent Residence for "Priority Workers"

 bulletLayoffs and Reductions in Force

 bulletEffect of Mergers and Acquisitions

 bulletVerification of the Right to Work

 bulletDual Representation and Other Attorney Issues

List Price: $13.95




Copyright 2013 Law Offices of James A. Bach All rights reserved