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Labor Certification

James A. Bach personally handles all labor certification applications, from drafting to final review, and has been doing so for thirty years.  We take care and pride in each labor certification to avoid the myriad traps and mistakes made by inexperienced attorneys and paralegals, including those who work for large law firms.  We make our clients our partners in the preparation of their cases, make sure they know what is happening at all times, and are accessible to inquiries and ideas.  The resources below are no substitute for competent and experienced legal advice, but may give you some insight into the regulatory environment in which the cases are processed.

Labor Certification Overview


Who Can Benefit From Labor Certification


Minimum Requirements and Evaluating Applicants


2012 BALCA Decision -- Interviewing and Rejecting Job Applicants


Dept. of Labor Regulations


Required Recruitment Media


Dept. of Labor FAQs, January 2009


2009 BALCA Decision -- "Kellogg" Language

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